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What does it take to be a good handyman?

A good handyman fills the gap between more specialised trades people. A specialist gets very good at one thing and concentrates on one particular skill. However, even a small job often requires a range of skills in order to be completed. A handyman should therefore have a broad range of skills helping him complete a job to a high standard without the expense and inconvenience of bringing in more than one tradesperson.

A good handyman will have a versatile range of skills and appropriate tools to efficiently complete any task he undertakes. He will also have a good knowledge of materials and products so that the best resources can be used to finish a job to the customer's satisfaction.

It also helps if the handyman is capable of thinking through a problem, coming up with ingenious and effective solutions and then executing the plan or design into a sound repair, renovation, improvement or construction.

On the other hand, a handyman also needs to know his limits in terms of skill, knowledge and available tools. When an aspect of a job, or indeed a whole project, is beyond his abilities and available equipment the handyman will say so and recommend bringing in a specialist.

This is the approach I take to my work as a handyman. My skills cover the following areas:

  • Woodwork repairs and construction
  • Basic electrical work: I am qualified as a Domestic Installer but not registered.
  • Basic plumbing
  • Tiling, including floors and walls
  • Demolition and clearance
  • Fencing, gates and garden structures
  • Repairs to sheds and garages including re–roofing
  • Storage solutions including fitting shelves and cupboards, and built in wardrobes
  • If you think I might be able to help you then have a look at the pictures of my work. Then drop me a line. Also, if the project requires the services of a skilled decorator I can always bring in my partner, Venetia, who is an experienced City and Guilds qualified painter and decorator.

    I am based in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

    Regards, Graham

    Just a few examples of work

    A garden before...
    ...and after
    Clearing a wall of ivy before...
    ...and after
    Bespoke built in cupboard
    Storage inside
    Bespoke garden gate
    Access rails, fabricated and installed
    A garage before...
    ...and after
    Somerset Stav Martial Arts Centre before...
    ...and after
    A pergola
    Door installed joining house to garage
    A garden before...
    ...and after
    Work in progress in solving a persistant leak
    New conservatory roof completed
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    Telephone 0771 358 5954